A good inn or guesthouse, that has been rated with five-stars would surely have some of the best rooms ever! However, not many are able to constantly keep up with the standards expected by them. There are certain obvious differences that may make any place seem much better than a lousy motel, but one that has been strictly monitored would be sure to stand out. Here is what you need to be on the lookout for. best spa in luang prabang

The ever so comfy bed

This is one of the most basic things that needs to be met. Basically the purpose of you visiting an inn is to rest in a comfy bed, shower and if it’s a spa hotel Luang Prabang, then a trip to the ever so luxurious, spa. But if a place cannot even satisfy the primary purpose of a comfy bed, then you definitely should be saying goodbye to that place, the next minute! Imagine after a fourteen hour journey, you are forced to nap on a hard mattress bed that doesn’t even have enough pillows! That place doesn’t deserve any cash at all from you, whatsoever. Also, a comfy bed is the perfect thing for a dramatic jump-to-the-bed to satisfy that childish need within you and not being able to that because of the bed condition, is definitely a disappointment. So do make sure that you check out the bed first, with a dramatic jump and star pose, before you check in to any place!

The fluffy pillows

In addition to having a comfy bed, the pillows placed to rest, too should be comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep. And because of this many Luang Prabang Laos hotels, in fact do take measures to ensure that their pillows are up to a particular standard. And the best kinds, cannot easily be created at home. So once you have checked out the bed, do test out the pillows as well, in order to ensure that they are the comfiest and fluffiest one’s ever! And if you ever need any extras, don’t hesitate to call for room service!

The rain shower-head

The next thing you need to be on the lookout in a great room of a good inn is, the bathroom and the shower-heads. In a good inn, they would always make sure that the temperature of the water is adjustable by setting up hot water showers, they would also be cautious of the pressure of the water, the rate and angle of which it falls and such. For this they may install different sorts of shower heads. Some that are designed to spray water in the form of rain, some where water flows from both sides and some where a square ring is created and water flows from around. Whatever, the kind it might be, it is sure to give a good experience to the client. If you were to choose a presidential room, though, you might even get to experience the Jacuzzi with a body massage, making you not want to leave the shower at all!

Don’t only focus on the cost, but look into other factors as well, and then choose the ideal room for your stay!

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